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The Volts are:
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Ellie-Rose Grimes ____ lead vocals

ellieI have been an official singer for around three years.

During this time I have adopted a love of rock music, both classic and modern. I try to model myself on P!nk, Paramore and Billy Idol, yet I add my own unique singing style.

My biggest role model is Hayley Williams - the lead singer of Paramore - because of her one-of-a-kind voice and her powerful vocals.

Jake Grimes ___lead guitar, backing vocals

ellieLead guitarist, backing vocals
I have been in The Volts since february 2011 and have been playing the guitar since I was 12. Over the years my musical influneces are Silverstein, Alter Bridge, Slash, Jimmy page and Matt Tuck.


Kieren Miller ___bass guitar, backing vocals

ellieI have been playing the Bass Guitar for three years.

The most influential bands are Iron Maiden, Avenged, Sevenfold and most other rock music. Although I look up to many people I find Steve Harris, the bassist in Iron Maiden, to be the best.

Kieren has been playing in the band for over 3 years as he was recruited by Andrew in the later stages of The Volts. But even though he has not been in as long as Joe and Andrew it feels like he has. Kieren is the quiet and calm member of The Volts who unfortunately doesn't put his bass behind his head to play a solo.

Andrew Turner ___drums, backing vocals

ellieI’ve been playing the drums for over five years.

Within this time I have gained many influences such as Thin Lizzy, White Snake, and Queen. My biggest drumming idol is Tommy Aldridge, the drummer of Thin Lizzy.

Has been playing the drums in The Volts for over 5 years and is often underestimated as he is not as tall as he would like. But after a bone shattering solo at the end of EVERY gig the comments soon come back to those who doubted. And unfortunatley for the dads his kit grows by the gig.





























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